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How to Evaluate a Good Party Space Rental?

Even the experienced event coordinators may have a hard time finding the right party space rental. This is despite the fact that there are myriad of options available. The space rentals may appear the same, however, they differ when it comes to the services and amenities offered. That is why, most of the coordinators need months before they decide which venue is right for a particular event.

Are you planning for an upcoming event? Are you looking for the right venue?

This article lists down the most essential factors you need to evaluate when choosing the best party space rental. Read on with this article and you will learn how to trim down your many choices. Are you ready?


You don’t just pick a venue without knowing where the guests come from. Here, you’ll be needing to check the addresses of the visitors. Ideally, choose a venue that is near cities where it’s accessible to the guests. If you’re expecting visitors from other countries, then it’s best to pick a venue near hotels. In addition, make sure the place has several transportation options and minimal traffic. You will have to visit the space for rent beforehand. Assess whether it’s accessible or not to your visitors.


Most coordinators fail to check the parking space of the venue. The parking is actually a very essential factor to consider. For smaller venues that don’t have enough parking space, check out if there are other parking spaces for rent near it.


Never finalize a venue without securing the number of guests to attend. Find out how many guests have confirmed their presence. With this, you will have a clear idea on how big or small the venue should be. Depending on the number of guests, choose a space that can accommodate all of them. When considering the space, don’t forget to give room for the table arrangements. There are sure several space rentals that will suits your event needs.


After determining the right size of the venue, the next thing to check are the additional amenities and special services that they can provide you. Some of these would include Wi-Fi, baby changing boards, cleaning crew, audio/video systems, chairs and tables, kitchen, and comfort room for PWDs. If the venue can offer you these and more amenities, then that is a huge plus.


The program flow or activities during the event also affects your choice of venue. The activities must be aligned with the function room’s layout. You may need to check where the sockets are located to know where to put the equipment needed in the event. You will also have to consider where to place the registration desk or the photo booths. Checking the layout helps ensure that everything is smooth during the event.

Now, these are most essential factors that you need to keep in mind when picking a venue for an upcoming event. With these in mind, you will sure find the best!

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