Avenue is critical illness international insurance that we’ve built to support you on your life journey. We know, no one wants to think about serious illness – but knowing that you are covered will give you peace of mind. Our solution ensures that you are covered and free to enjoy your life adventure.
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Avenue covers treatment for 12 types of medical cases of which three are specific for children.

*Cover is subject to the terms and conditions, exclusions, benefit limits and area of cover of the policy. Please refer to the Benefit Guide and Table of Benefits for further information.

Adults and children
  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Cancer (includes all solid organ cancers, lymphomas and leukaemia)
  • Neurosurgery
  • Severe epilepsy
  • Heart valve replacement or repair (for children, only when it’s needed as a result of rheumatoid fever)
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  • Coronary artery angioplasty/stenting
  • Coronary bypass surgery
  • Living organ transplant
  • Major vascular surgery (including aortic surgery)
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  • Artificial limbs needed after a limb loss in an accident
  • Kawasaki Syndrome
  • Meningitis/encephalitis
medical costs

Cover for the medical costs
required to treat an eligible medical case
case management

Medical case management
through the entire treatment, via our own Medical Team and specialized hospitals

Your medical case management includes:

  • Administration and payment services (Direct liaison with the chosen hospital, to organise direct payment of medical bill)
  • Medical appointment booking
  • Periodical calls with you, to check on the progress of your treatment
  • Concierge services for overseas treatment (including escort service and translation support)
  • Travel and accommodation booking and more

specialized hospitals

Access to relevant medical expertise
through our Avenue network of specialised hospitals
Option to receive treatment in-country or overseas, depending on plan selection
second medical opinion

Second medical opinion,
where required to confirm the initial diagnosis
psychological conseling

Counselling service for the patient and their family to cope with the emotional challenges of critical medical care 
specialized hospitals

Access to legal and financial advisory services at all stages of the medical treatment 
medical network
medical network
With Avenue, you have the assurance that if something serious happens, you will be treated at hospitals and medical centres that specialise in your medical case.

You can choose to cover:

  • Only yourself
  • Yourself and your spouse/partner
  • Only your children
  • Your entire family ... as you prefer

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You can also choose if you want cover for:

  • Both overseas and in-country treatment, or
  • Overseas treatment only

By in-country we mean treatment in your principal country of residence (and/or your home country, if that is different from your principal country of residence).
woman choosing her way

We also offer you the opportunity to choose between: 

  • Accessing medical case management service and treatment benefits or
  • A lump sum payment

To find out more about our Avenue plans, including terms and conditions, exclusions, benefit limits and areas of cover, see our brochures.