Global Health Services

Global Health Services

Taking care of you and your team 

Supporting your team and your organisation to flourish
More support for your people when it comes to helping them deal with life’s challenges, helpful information to help keep them safe and more digital tools to empower their health and wellbeing. Our international healthcare plans now come with EAP, second medical opinion, Olive, travel security information, a 24/7 medical advice line, a digital symptom checker and the HealthSteps app.  
Your Expat Assistance Programme (EAP) provides 24/7 confidential support on a wide range of challenges including stress, depression, cultural shock and more. 
As part of your cover, you have access to our Second Medical Opinion service designed to provide you with expert medical advice when you need it the most. To access our service, simply call or email us
Here your employees can easily access medical information or consultations from the comfort of their home or office. Talk to a medical professional by video, call or chat, depending on current location.
As part of their cover, your employees will have access to our personal oncology case manager service. We will assign them a dedicated case manager, a healthcare professional from our own Medical Team, to guide and assist them through their treatment.
Symptom checker
By answering a few questions about their medical conditions your employees will get a preliminary evaluation of their symptoms to assess whether any medical treatment is needed. 
travel security services
As the world continues to witness an increase in security threats, we help your team to manage their personal risk conveniently and effectively. Our Travel Security Services offer professional advice and support providing peace of mind to your team while travelling. The service is available whenever needed via phone, email or website.
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