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Leaving your company plan?
Keep your Allianz cover

Moving your current health cover from your company plan to a specialised individual expat healthcare plan is easy and there are no new waiting periods when you choose a equal or lesser cover. In most cases, your new policy won’t need to be underwritten with lots of forms to complete. Also we may offer discounts based on your claiming experience. To do this we use our “HealthRank Forecast” assessment tool that considers your claiming history – this makes the onboarding process simpler, hassle free and makes the cover more affordable for you. 
We have a support team dedicated to making your transition as smooth as possible. Our personal international healthcare plans offer many of the same benefits you previously enjoyed, with the flexibility you'll need as you enter a new phase in your career. Insured members are covered for treatment of COVID-19, subject to terms and conditions. 

In instances where the risk is deemed too high,
applications will be referred to our underwriters. When the underwriting process is completed we will advise you in writing of our acceptance terms and any changes to the premium quoted.


Your cover is also subject to: 

• Policy definitions and exclusions 

• Any special conditions shown on your Insurance Certificate (and on the Special Condition Form issued before the policy comes into effect, where relevant). 

• Any policy endorsements, policy terms and conditions and any other legal requirements. 

• Costs being reasonable and customary in  accordance with country of treatment, standard and generally accepted medical procedures. If we consider a claim to be inappropriate, we reserve the right to decline or reduce the amount we pay.

International insurance cover is not provided if any element of the cover, benefit, activity, business or underlying business violates any applicable sanction law or regulations of the United Nations, the European Union or any other applicable economic or trade sanction law or regulations. 

Please check your Insurance Certificate, Benefit Guide and Table of Benefits to find out more.

 If you upgrade your plan waiting periods will apply.

 No problem, we have a range of solutions to suit your needs .
Our private international health plans offer a wide range of in-patient and day-care treatments as well as an optional levels of cover such as out-patient, dental, maternity and repatriation  to help you tailor your cover as closely as possible to your existing Group scheme.

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Maximum plan limit
£ 3,100,000 /  
US$ 5,000,000/
CHF 4,814,815
Maximum plan limit
£ 2,460,000 /  
€ 2,963,000 /  
US$ 4,000,000 /
CHF 3,852,000 
Maximum plan limit
£ 1,575,000 / 
€ 1,851,850 /  
US$2,500,000 /
Type of room
Private room
Private room
Semi-private room
In-patient / Day-care
Medical Evacuation
Nursing at home
£ 3,525 / € 4,250 /
US$ 5,740 / CHF 5,525
£ 2,075 / € 2,500 /
US$ 3,375 / CHF 3,250
£ 1,245 / € 1,500 /
US$ 2,025 / CHF 1,950
Rehabilitation treatment
£ 3,670 / € 4,420 /
US$ 5,970 / CHF 5,750
£ 2,075 / € 2,500 /
US$ 3,375 / CHF 3,250
£ 1,660 / € 2,000 /
US$ 2,700 / CHF 2,600
Preventive Surgery
£ 24,900 / € 30,000 /
US$ 40,500 / CHF 39,000 
Laser eye treatment
£ 830 / € 1,000 /
US$ 1,350 / CHF 1,300
Emergency out-patient treatment
£ 625 /€ 750 /
US$ 1,015 / CHF 975 
£ 625 /€ 750 /
US$ 1,015 / CHF 975 
£ 208 / € 250 /
US$ 338 / CHF 325 
Emergency out-patient dental treatment
£ 625 /€ 750 /
US$ 1,015 / CHF 975 
£ 246 / € 296 /
US$ 400 / CHF 385 
Expat Assistance Programme (EAP)
Travel Security Services
Olive Health & Wellness support program
Digital Health App
Up to £ 42 / € 50 /
US$ 70 / CHF 65 
Up to £ 42 / € 50 /
US$ 70 / CHF 65 
Up to £ 42 / € 50 /
US$ 70 / CHF 65 
MyHealth Digital Services
Second Medical Opinion Service
Out-patient plan
Dental plan
Repatriation plan
Maternity plan

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From the 15th of April 2024 until the 15th May of 2024.
Selected plans only. T&Cs Apply.
Find the answers to our most commonly asked questions about the nature of our cover and how we protect members globally. 

This is the geographical territory where your cover is valid. We offer multiple geographical area of cover options – please check your Insurance Certificate to confirm which one applies to you. 

For example, if your area of cover is “Worldwide”, this means that your cover will be valid everywhere in the world. If your area of cover is “Africa”, then your cover will be valid everywhere in Africa.

*Our policies don’t provide any cover or benefit for any business or activity to the extent that either the cover or benefit or the underlying business or activity would violate any applicable sanction law or regulations of the United Nations, the European Union or any other applicable economic or trade sanction law or regulations. The areas of cover are subject to your policy terms and conditions.

Absolutely.  As your company cover is a tailored corporate scheme, we may not be able to offer you the exact same terms. However, we are happy to offer you similar terms from our Individual plan range and we will not apply waiting periods to your new policy for equal or lesser cover - If you upgrade your plan waiting periods will apply.

You can choose to pay your premiums annually, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly by direct debit or credit card. You can also pay by cheque or bank transfer, but monthly payments won’t be available if you choose one these payment methods.

Payments are subject to the following administration surcharges: 0% for annual payment, 3% for half-yearly payments, 4% for quarterly payments and 5% for monthly payments. 

We must receive your application within 30 days from the date the corporate/group cover ended. Also, you must have been covered by Allianz Care under a corporate/ group policy for a minimum of 12 months before the start date of your new continuation cover. Only those family members who were covered under your corporate / group policy are eligible to apply for the continuation cover.

  1. Terms & conditions apply. Allianz Care reserves the right to cancel or amend these terms or conditions without notice. 
  2. The cover provided by Allianz Care is not a substitute for local compulsory health insurance, e.g., for members resident in Germany, our cover is not a legally appropriate substitute for German compulsory health insurance.
  3.  This is a promotional page only. Cover is subject to our policy terms and conditions as set out by our benefit guide.
  4. Waiting periods will not apply only if you choose a plan that provides equal or lesser cover than that provided under your group medical scheme. If you upgrade your plan waiting periods will apply.
Certain services that may be included in your plan are provided by third party providers outside the Allianz group, such as the Expat Assistance Programme, Travel Security services, HealthSteps App, Second Medical Opinion and tele-medicine services. If included in your plan,  these services will show in your Table of Benefits. These services are made available to you subject to your acceptance of the terms and conditions of your policy and the terms and conditions of the third parties. These Services may be subject to geographical restrictions.  The HealthSteps App does not provide medical or health advice and the wellness resources contained within Olive are for informational purposes only. The HealthSteps App and the wellness resources contained within Olive shouldn’t  be regarded as a substitute for professional advice (medical, physical or psychological). They are also not a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, assessment or care that you may need from your own doctor. You understand and agree that AWP Health & Life SA (Irish Branch) and AWP Health & Life Services Limited are not responsible or liable for any claim, loss or damage, directly or indirectly resulting from your use of any of these third party services.