Allianz Partners announces significantly enhanced health insurance options for customers


November 21, 2022

Allianz Partners has today announced three significant enhancements to their suite of health plans, aimed at providing more options to customers with health insurance policies. Firstly, the new Allianz Summit plan – designed and sold through the company’s international health brand, Allianz Care – offers SMEs increased flexibility when designing their employee health insurance benefits. Secondly, the addition of moratorium underwriting offers faster onboarding when purchasing health insurance for both individuals and SMEs. Thirdly, all customers can now access the hugely popular Wysa app for immediate, confidential and high-quality mental health support, at no additional cost.

The Allianz Summit health plan is a comprehensive international health plan designed for SME groups of up to 100 employees. This product was developed following Allianz Partners’ preferred partnership agreement with Aetna International earlier this year and is modelled on Aetna’s popular Summit product, with a number of enhancements.

Its modular structure and pre-set options offer flexibility, allowing clients to tailor a health plan to the needs of their employees. Members enjoy access to a host of support services, including a 24/7 multilingual helpline, a network of over 1 million medical providers globally, and a range of digital health and wellness tools.

Allianz Summit has launched in English initially, with other languages to follow early next year, and locally compliant plans are available to SMEs across countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Individuals and SME customers at Allianz Partners can now opt for moratorium underwriting, or the traditional Full Medical Underwriting (FMU) terms.

With Full Medical Underwriting, customers provide their full medical history and, based on an assessment of that information, there may be specific surcharges applied to their cover from the outset. This form of underwriting is particularly beneficial for those with existing medical conditions.

Moratorium underwriting is a generally faster process than Full Medical Underwriting, as there are no medical forms to complete. Moratorium also takes the recurrence of an illness into account, allowing for more flexibility in the application. It offers the reassurance that as long as the person is symptom-free and has not needed any treatment or medical advice for a pre-existing condition for two consecutive years, cover will begin in the third year of their policy. This is expected to be a popular option amongst SMEs, as the onboarding of employees is much faster.

Moratorium underwriting is available to individuals and small groups with between three and nine members, but is dependent on geographical location and local country regulations.

The Wysa Mind Coaching App, a chat buddy and human coaching service, is also now available to all Allianz Partners health insurance customers. This is a new support service, following the preferred partnership deal with Aetna International earlier this year.

This app is currently used by 4 million users globally and provides immediate, confidential mental health support at no additional cost. Its aim is to provide early support and intervention for those not yet ready to talk by phone or meet a specialist.

The app centres on Wysa, a conversational chatbot that’s available day and night to listen and chat about whatever’s on someone’s mind in a fully confidential environment. This creates a non-judgmental safe space to vent and be heard, anytime, anywhere. The app also provides a self-care library with over 150 tools and exercises to develop mental strength and resilience to help deal with issues ranging from body image to breakups. All tools are backed by science and handpicked by experts. Additionally, users will have access to a professionally-trained human coach to support them via in-app, text-based chat sessions. If additional support is needed, this will be provided through a 12-week coaching program with a dedicated coach.

Paula Covey, Chief Marketing Officer Health at Allianz Partners, said: “Our new Allianz Summit product and the provision of the Wysa app are both testament to the success of our preferred partnership agreement with Aetna International from earlier this year. Allianz Summit offers increased flexibility for SMEs and enables them to manage costs more efficiently as different options can be selected for different groups of employees. The Wysa app is a multi-award-winning solution, and its availability to all customers at no additional cost highlights the importance that we as a company attach to mental fitness and wellbeing. Meanwhile, the new moratorium underwriting health insurance option we’re providing allows for greater flexibility and a faster onboarding process when buying health insurance. These three new offerings each demonstrate Allianz Partners’ commitment to innovating with purpose, continually improving the range and flexibility of our services to customers.”

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