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We have an ethos built on innovation and a culture of care 

From health, life and disability insurance to health and protection services, Allianz Care is your global health partner.  Every day, we help families, individuals and employers navigate the complex healthcare system and improve their quality of life. 

“Globally, there are more business and lifestyle opportunities, digital advances and communication channels than ever before. There is also more concern about personal safety for those travelling or on assignment abroad, as threats are no longer predominantly confined to volatile countries.

As the world environment changes, so too are the needs of our clients, be they a large multinational, a small company, an intergovernmental organisation or a private family. Allianz Partners is addressing these needs, with its partners, through a greater range of support services, digital innovation and connectivity, making life simpler, easier and safer for clients”.

Ida Luka-Lognoné 
Allianz Partners Board Member, CEO Health.

In this podcast we celebrate Women's Diversity at Allianz, featuring a panel of employees who lead, inspire and succeed, independently of their age, race, sexual orientation or disabilities. 

Here’s the story behind what we do and why we do it. Our mission is to help you be well.
If you dare to power up your ambition, here is your home.
Allianz OPM
Allianz is proud to be the Worldwide Insurance Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements from 2021-2028.


Equal Pay at Allianz Partners

At Allianz Partners, we follow a strict non-discrimination policy and are committed to equity and fairness and this includes a particular focus on pay equality. On a recent report by Mercer limited, we uncover the pay gap between women and men performing the same or similar work at Allianz Partners.

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